About Us

Our Conviction

With the simple aim of rendering remarkable services, TriColor Trips intends to reach the masses effectively. Our Travel Company is ministered by a team of diligent and enthusiastic individuals, who are always on the lookout for an opportunity to widen their horizons. Expertise, honesty and structure are the three aspects of our company which we take pride in.

Being a part of the competitive Travel and Tourism industry, carving out a niche for oneself is an extremely arduous task, which we have successfully achieved through the support of our customers and the passion of our employees. By letting our customers take center stage and offer us their perspective, we are able to provide travel packages and services which are immediately favored by all. It is the determination and conviction of our team which has enabled us to move upwards in the growth chart.

Our Belief

At TriColor Trips, we make sure that each project is handled with a 'six sigma' approach. Which basically means to constantly minimize the errors and enhance the quality of the work processes? Travelling is one of the most soothing and memorable experiences in one's life and we second this thought by means of tailor made packages for our customers.

By providing packages that are in sync with the preferences of our clients, we are able to retain them, making them avail our services repeatedly. This combined with our 'never say never' spirit is what drives us to acquire nothing but the best.

Our Vision

Utilizing the cutting edge technology to our advantage and blending it with some unique ideas is what we intend to do. Offering a wide array of professional travel products at a cost effective price has made our achievements notable over a short span of time. Our vision is to take our achievements to the next level, setting an example to be followed by the others in the industry. Empowering the traveler by letting them call the shots has proved to be highly beneficial for us and the clients alike and we wish to take this legacy ahead.

Surviving in a market with cut-throat competition is filled with several predicaments. In such a scenario, profits are often given importance over other business aspects. However, we wish to differ and not follow the norm by giving equal significance to customer satisfaction as well as providing them services which are value for their money.

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